nanowrimo is in my front yard

10 more days till nanowrimo!  AAARRRRGHHHH!

Preparation so far:

  • Have a story idea
  • Was going to change that story idea to 10 other story ideas but vetoed 10 other story ideas to stick with the original story idea
  • Have read this and realised that I neither have an arc nor 30 chapters for every day in November
  • I may have people who are going to kick my butt if I don’t do my 1667 words/ day but they may be too pre-occupied with their own word count that my word count is forgettable so I will need to invent an automatic butt kicker when I fail to meet the word count requirement. Have 10 days to invent this machine

That’s all.


Yikes. Nevermind. I still have 10 days.



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