More random thoughts about F2K

So, we’re past Lesson 4, quickly approaching Lesson 5.

One more lesson after that and we reach the end (I think and I hope).

It’s been a real eye-opener getting to know the people in this writing community through their writing. There are some who are quite steadfast and there are those who you come across once, only to not see them in the later lessons. And you wonder if they’ve given up. And why.

For me, the most important thing I’ve learnt as we peer-review one another’s piece of writing is that honesty is really the best policy when it comes to giving feedback. Sure, you’re tempted to give a 100% positive feedback all the time but if you had written your heart out, would you be satisfied with a response of `Love this story. Great job!’? I wouldn’t.

Sure, the elation felt is a welcome high. But after that, you wonder, how can I improve? If this piece of writing is so great, why aren’t I a writer already? And if you aren’t, this means that your writing is, in fact, NOT great and so that person who said it was, lied.

Not a happy thought.

On the flipside, not everyone takes negative feedback well. Obviously. There are one or two, whom I’ve given honest to goodness feedback to, who sadly did not thank me. This makes me feel sad. Temporarily.

But on the whole, being in the F2K community has been mostly positive. I’ve learnt, gotten to know people and most importantly…

I’ve written.


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