In the Madeleine L’Engle Room (F2K): Lesson 3 POV

POV has been a weakness of mine. So when I read that Lesson 3 was to write about the same situation but from two POVs, I panicked a teensy bit. Which of course, led to worry, which meant that my sleep cycle was severely disrupted (read: slept at 9pm only to awake at 2am).

From your own writings, pick out a paragraph you like; then tell it from a different POV.

I pulled myself together sufficiently to look at all my previous writing finally deciding to be inspired by one of my A-to-Z post i.e. I is for Iris.


3rd Person POV:
Their shoulders bumped and their arms brushed as they strolled to the florist that cool, windy evening. Suddenly, Chase skipped ahead, turned and pulled out her tongue at Toby. Disarmed at her rare display of playfulness, he chased after her down the crooked sidewalk. He finally caught up with her in front of The Bloom Boutique, both panted heavily from the impromptu race. Toby steadied her as they entered the store then slowly removed his arm from around her waist as they stepped forward. Chase turned swiftly to him, pulled his arm back and held it firmly where it was. He looked at her, confused.

1st Person POV:
I like us like this. Bumping shoulders, arms brushing. It feels like how we were before and I thought we’d never be able to go back there. I hid a grin, I hope she doesn’t suspect that I’m doing all the bumping and brushing on purpose though. I can’t help it; she has the softest skin of anyone I know. Not that I’ve brushed against many other girl’s skin. My grin grew wider. Great! She’s run off again. I pretend to have a hard time catching up with her, hoping to score sympathy hugs. Ha! Caught her. Holding her feels so right but Chase has always been economical with her affections. I better step away but she stops and holds my arm tight around her waist. This girl is giving me whiplash with her indecision.

(word count 240)

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