Creativity Lounge (F2K): Writing Prompt #2

So, just because I hope the second prompt would be easy, of course, it had to be the opposite

You have two main characters, one is blind, one is deaf. They are talking together (the deaf character can lip read). You must write a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 500. One twist, within the first 100 words you MUST include a dangerous/exciting event which the characters become involved in, in some way (e.g a car crash or a gun fight).

I was more worried about that requirement to introduce the danger within 100 words than anything else. But I hope I managed…


Eli and Lydia raced silently across the field, the moonlight and crickets their guide. Lydia smiled and she squeezed Eli’s hand. He stopped, cupped her cheek in his hand, letting her know that he was facing her.

“Nature’s songs,” he read her lips, “I miss them.”

His eyes warmed, unseen to her, he kissed her upturned lips. “We have to hurry,” he whispered in her ear.

They raced forwards eagerly.

Then suddenly a light flashed in their path. Eli shielded his eyes and hers.

A humanoid creature, purple with eight arms stood in their path.

They halted in their tracks, burnt grass filled their nostrils. Lydia touched Eli’s arms and signed What’s happening? Eli brought his lips to her ear, “There’s a creature in our path. Don’t show fear, I’ll manage him.”

Hurry, she signed, the wardens would have already realised we’re missing.

Take me to your leader, announced the creature in Eli’s and Lydia’s minds.

“Please. We mean you no harm. But we cannot help you at this time.” Eli pleaded.

Take me to your leader, the creature repeated imperiously.

Lydia gripped Eli’s bicep. She turned and whispered into his ear “We have to go! We have to go!”

Eli took a deep breath and pleaded once more to the creature that was their hurdle “Please, we want to get away from here. But in the house 10km behind us, there are people who may help you with your request.” Eli tugged Lydia’s arm, pulling her towards the edge of the woods where it was safer.

“NO!” The creature shouted in their minds. “WE WANT YOU, EARTHLING, TO HALT AND TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER!”

Eli and Lydia buckled from the pain of the instruction in their minds. Blood trickled from their noses, their heads aching. Lydia locked eyes with Eli letting him know that she was in excruciating pain and could not last any longer.

Without thought, Eli grabbed a fallen branch and rushed towards the creature, swinging, making contact against the creature’s skull with a loud CRACK and it crumpled, purple goo oozing out from the head wound. Then it lay there, unmoving. Not breathing.

Exhaling heavily, Eli dropped the branch and straggled towards Lydia, gripped her hand and pulled her towards freedom.

(word count: 376)


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