Creativity Lounge (F2K): Writing Prompt #1

There’s a Creativity Lounge newly created in the F2K Cafe for writing prompts as a sidebar to the regular lessons. Of course, when I saw it, I went SQUEEEEE! (on the inside) 🙂 To say I was excited for the first prompt is an understatement –

Pick a book at random from your bookcase/bookshelf/kindle. Turn to page 50 (or the next full page). Go to the 17th line on the page. The first 6 words are the start of you story. You have a maximum of 200 words!

I went to my bookshelf, closed my eyes and picked The Sky is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson. One of my all-time favourite books. Flipped to page 50, counted down to the 17th line and woo hoo! Got a piece of dialogue. Yikes! So, here goes.


“Easy,” Toby says, taking the tequila bottle from me.

I had just taken a large swig, wincing as the hot liquid travelled down my throat, settling in my stomach. A warm and languorous deliciousness washing all over me. Gosh, Toby’s so good-looking! Why didn’t I realise that before? I giggle.

I reach for the bottle Toby was clutching behind his back “More.”

Instead I made contact with his hard chest. “Oof! S-sho-rry!” He steadies me with an arm around my back, slowly rubbing circles below my shoulder blade. “I said easy there, Chase.”

His deep voice rumbles through his chest and I snuggle in delighting in the vibrations which feel strangely comforting. I wrap my arms around his waist; rub my nose in his t-shirt which smells like cinnamon. I hear him groan. I tilt my head upwards, still feeling delightfully woozy and see his dark eyes lock with mine. “You have amazing eyes, Toby.” The sides of his lips quirk up and his head moves towards mine. I could not keep my eyes open. I gave a small yawn and peck him on the lips. “I’m so lucky; you’re the best friend any girl could have.”

(word count 197)


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