Random thoughts about F2K

We’re in Week 2, heading towards Lesson 2.

I don’t know. Somehow, I feel strangely comfortable being among virtual strangers, virtually.

It’s such a weird circumstance to be in. I’m here `speaking’ to people halfway across the world, immerse in a different culture. Yet, I don’t feel excluded, in the least. Well, only a little. Because I don’t watch Dr. Who and they (a large majority of them) do. So, I don’t get their Dr. Who references, especially when I tell them I’m Amelia, and they reply ‘Amelia…Pond’? I still have no idea what they’re talking about.

So far, this F2K experience has been a somewhat validating experience. I suppose, in my writing, I’ve always suffered from self-confidence. I worry alot (too much) about what I’ve written and also how it will be perceived by others, so much so, that its commonplace for me to hide whatever I’ve written. It’s only recently I’ve dared to let my pieces out in the world via this blog. But at the same time, I’m cowering in my little corner, hoping against hopes that they’re not bashed to death. Or even bashed to minor injuries.

So, putting my work out there in the F2K community where the entire concept is peer-review, well, that just makes my insides scream. But it looks like I may not need to suit up. Or rather, I can remove my suit of armour because the F2K folks especially the ones in my classroom have been nothing but constructive in their responses. And that eases my internal screams a little.

I suppose this is something I have to get used to – external scrutiny, if I want to be a better writer. Now, if only I can buy an ebook about how I can manage this better i.e. silence the internal screams everytime I put a piece I’ve written out there.


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