In the Madeleine L’Engle Room (F2K): Lesson 1 Character Introduction

Okay, Lesson One is up on F2K and of course, I just completed the optional prompt so I was a little slow getting to this one (again).

In Lesson One, a character you may already have or one you create for this purpose will introduce you. You do not introduce the character except in the course of speaking about you.

Do not add an introduction to the lesson; we don’t need to know if this is a character you’ve been working on, let it come out in the assignment. Don’t add a lot of back story before your character speaks to us. Let the character reveal you in his/her/it’s own words. A character can be your dog or cat, as long as we learn about you.

So this sounded like a doozy until I read other examples and finally understood what the lesson wanted. I picked Elise to introduce me. She says it herself, she’s a character I thought was new to me but apparently because I’m stubborn, I didn’t realise she was the voice in my head until I was ready to acknowledge her. I have to confess that it was strange to talk about me from my character’s POV. Really strange.


Hi there, I’m Elise. I guess I’m here to tell you about Amelia.*snicker* When she finds out that I’m introducing her, she’ll roll her eyes. She does that a lot.

She also probably thinks that I’m the least qualified to tell you about her because she thinks I only came into her life recently. Truth is, I’ve been with her for years, lurking at the back of her mind. So, between you and me, I’m pretty sure I know more about her than she does about me.

Let me tell you, this woman is a crazy workaholic. Up until a couple of months ago, she used to work 50, 60 hour weeks at her desk, tapping away on her laptop. She thought she was happy but the truth is she’s a pretty good actress. So good that she believed her own hype. Although this was not a skill she intentionally honed.

I’ve been trying to get her to listen to me for years, I’m telling you, YEARS! Another skill she didn’t intentionally hone – the art of listening only when she’s ready and not one second before. Infuriating. And stubborn as hell. Finally, I broke through. Unfortunately, that breakthrough came at the same time as when she decided to downshift her career and as far as I’m aware, this time next year, adios desk job.

Anyhow, when Amelia’s not racking up the hours at work, she reads obsessively. She has so many books, her house could double as the local community library. Thank goodness, she got herself a kindle because at the rate she was spending on actual books, in a couple of months, she’d have to consider setting up camp on her lawn and bunk with Tiki, her miniature pinscher.

I worry about her sometimes. She has moments when she stares into space, scrunching her forehead, biting her bottom lip. I used to think that she was thinking up adventures starring me but now I know that she spends too much time worrying about her future. She started meditating and I’m glad to report, she’s way more zen now.

Late last year, she started taking creative writing classes at the behest of one of her oldest friend. When she was younger, Amelia used to write poetry and stories with zombie ballerinas and voodoo gypsies. I know! She’s weird, right? But one day she stopped. Never knew why. Never asked.

Since that first writing class though, she fell back in love with writing and this made her more comfortable in her own skin. And the stories that whirled around in her finally had a purpose, a direction – to be written about.

I know she’s got a whole bunch of adventures up her sleeve for me. She whispered to me that I was going to meet someone named James. Now, I rolled my eyes.

But she isn’t ready to let me go yet and until then, I’m good to stay with her.

(word count: 496)

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