Hello, I’m addicted to Goodreads

Before I joined goodreads, I’d heard about it, of course.  But at the time, I mistakenly assumed that it was just a site where you catalogued the books you’ve read.  And that’s it.

My interest spiked when a fellow Twittee (or Twitterer) tweeted reviews from goodreads.  My curiousity got the better of me and I signed up.  That was in March.

Since then, my reading world has exploded.  Or imploded.  Take your pick.

I’m on goodreads every other day.  To get book recommendations, to read reviews, to WRITE reviews.  Best of all, I get to interact with authors that I’m a fan of.

Through goodreads, I’ve gotten to read authors recommended by other friends on goodreads that I may not have known about.  This has lead me to authors like Kristen Ashley whose books consistently make my Top 10 and also Tammara Webber – her YA romances make me wish I can relive my adolescent romances again.  LOL.

I trawl through my book recommendations religiously, reading reviews, picking up the books which other readers rave about.  It’s a good space to be in for a reader-holic like me who’s always searching for the next book to devour.

I’m pretty sure that goodreads has an impact on the number of books I’m reading too.  Since, March, with all the book recommendations out there meaning my list of To Be Read books drastically increasing, I’ve been reading almost a book a day, just utterly devouring them…and with ebooks, the dent in my wallet is not as scary as when I bought paperbacks.  So, definitely a win-win.

Oh, goodreads, what would I do without you.

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