Baca Baca by Sonobe

It’s rare that the male character in a book gets to me that within the first few pages, I’m firmly in his corner, cheering him on, fist pumping in the air, yelling `Go, Nate! Go!’

When I read a romance book, most of the time, I’m on the lady’s side of the whole equation.

Or at the very least, I’ll be supportive of them as a couple, a unit.

But to whole-heartedly throw my sombrero into the male protagonist’s ring? Rare.  Really rare.  Really.

But once you get to know Nathan Cross, trust me, you’d throw your sombrero into his ring too.

The author describes him as her ‘boyscout with a down and dirty side’.  I didn’t get that at first.  But then I did.  I SO, 1000% did.  Gosh, the sweetness and thoughtfulness of him wrapped in a yummy, broad-shouldered, tanned packaging – yummier than yum.  Yup, my Kindle…

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