Baca Baca by Sonobe

I learnt about this book via twitter.  From a fellow-twittee whose book opinions I am beginning to appreciate.

And so, I read it, got hooked and…

had to go to work.

So, very reluctantly I left my Kindle behind.  But I was on the verge of breaking my own rule of not bringing the Kindle to work, ever.

But I resisted.

So, I worked.  And after almost 10 hours, hurried home.

And only just finished the book.  If I could’ve skipped dinner, I’d be finished earlier.  But I had to eat. There was gammon.

At the end, my eyes were swollen, my voice hoarse, my hair a mess and my emotions all a whirlwind.

Haven’t felt this way from a book in a long while.

Welcome, and yet not.

It was a book that was very easy to get into and very difficult to get out off.  The themes resonated…

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