Poem A Day: The Trouble is Just Beginning

I’m pretty sure of it.

I’ve signed the papers

and soon

we’ve to make an announcement.

Then all hell will break loose,

or it won’t.

It could go either way.


people will have to know,

roles adjusted,

responsibilities divvied up.

I’m ready,

I think.

Or as ready as I can be.

Are you?

And so it begins.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 27

Poem A Day: Off with the birds

And so,
the birds – they wake me
in the morning.

I hear them chirping,
sweetly singing.

I look out my window
it overlooks the pond.

I see an egret
scooping fishes with it’s beak!

I am incensed!

I run downstairs,
and rummage in the store room,
And rush out my house.

until I was face-to-face
with the fish-stealing feathered creature.

I point my hunting gun.
And shoot.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 26