Poem A Day: Just because I don’t act like you

Just because it is unsaid
Does not mean it was held back
Doesn’t mean it was intentionally withheld
The words were kept within
No, don’t tell me omission is a sin.

Just because I don’t feel
what you think I should feel
Doesn’t mean my feelings are less
Doesn’t mean they’re invalid

Just because you don’t believe me,
Doesn’t mean it’s untrue,
Can’t you tell,
it’s not me,
only you
who weaves webs of lies
trapping everyone.

Who are you anyway?
To name yourself our judge,
To preside over us.
You’re imperfect too
You omit, you distract, you delay.
Trust me,
if there was, I’d find another way.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 22