National Flash Fiction Day

For National Flash Fiction Day, I attempted the Flash Fiction Write-In that had a writing window and submission of 4 hours.  Sounds like plenty of time, right? Wrong.  Not to uber-procrastinators like moi.  BUT, I managed to squeeze out the following in a last bid attempt and mailed it to the site.

The Benefit of Ice Cream (in response to the writing prompt: Jenny, emailed at 3.54pm BST)

I left Jenny to go to the supermarket as she cried her broken heart out.  

I bought a pint of ice-cream.  Vanilla.  

When I got back, we sat together on her bed.  Our backs against the wall, passing the precious pint between us, scooping chunks of ice cream and shovelling them into our mouth while we spoke of nothing and everything.  The ice cream dried her tears.  

When I was crying, my heart broken – I had a bottle of rum in one hand and a box of tissues in the other.

Ice cream sounded better.

Homecoming (in response to the writing prompt: the smell of fresh cut grass, emailed at 4pm BST)

Ethan asked me to move in with him on more than one occasion.

I always demur, insisting that I need my independence and that I want to keep my apartment.  I don’t have any problems with spending some nights at his place but sometimes I just need to be in my own space among things that I’ve bought in an apartment that I’ve rented with the money I’ve worked hard to accumulate.

He pretends to understand, but I know he’s frustrated.  I reassure him by taking over one side of his wardrobe and filling it with some work clothes, my gym outfit, jeans, t-shirts and also by putting all my girly stuff in his bathroom.  That seems to placate him some.After putting away the coffee and his drycleaning, I sit on the pristine white sofa and channel surf waiting for Ethan to come home.  He said no later than 7pm.  I look at the clock in the living room, it’s 6.15 pm. I take my Kindle out to read.  Weariness overwhelm me.  Maybe I’ll just rest my head a while. I lay my head back on the sofa, pulling the throw draped over the back of it onto me.

I wake up to kisses.

And Ethan’s wonderful cologne that smells of fresh cut grass.

Poem A Day: crash

It took seven whole days
and seven whole nights.
we were done.
Our best creation,
A masterpiece.

The whole world will fall
at our feet
at our genius.

We plug the flashdrive
into the computer.
it whirrs in anticipation
our eyes wide with fascination.

A box pops up “Virus detected.
Contents deleted!”

Poem A Day Challenge Day 14