First Loves: Music by The Corrs

I couldn’t pick one song.  My first music love has to be this album `Talk on Corners’ from The Corrs.  Almost every song in it, I can associate with a specific memory or place.  Good memories.  Not so good ones.  Special places.  Places I’ll never, ever step foot in again.

I’ve got all their albums.  And their music partially dominate my playlist.

Also, I’ve not removed their CDs from the CD player in my car, since I bought my car, almost 8 years ago.  Well, except when I send my car to the workshop.

Anyhow, that tells you how special their music is to me.

14 thoughts on “First Loves: Music by The Corrs

    • Carol – I still haven’t found another band that really speaks to my experiences as The Corrs did…sad that they’re no longer recording together now though…


  1. I’ve got at least one of their CDs but I don’t recall which one. They’re an excellent group though I haven’t listened to them in quite a while. Time to break out the album again I guess.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


  2. The Corrs? I’m not familiar with them, but, it’s always great to have a band or singer who is so special to you that you not only have all of their albums but you want to keep their music with you everywhere that you go.


  3. Great choice. It’s great when you find a band who just keep throwing out great music, time after time. I own all of Bon Jovi’s albums – but they didn’t feature on my first love list.


  4. I love The Corrs! Funny how this CD alongside the Christmas ones are permanent fixtures in your CD player 🙂


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