First Loves: Him


I remember the first moment I saw Him. I was in my parents car, looking for parking before heading to the registration desk.  We drove past other students who were on their way to the Administration Block.  He was standing with his mother, a file in His hand.  He wore a white shirt, black pants and a thin black tie which His mother was adjusting.  He looked irritated at her mothering.  Later, I learnt that this was a default emotion for Him.

My first love.


17 thoughts on “First Loves: Him

    • Oh gosh, Fareeda! I think all of you in class will eventually know Him. He is fodder for all the stories I write in class! 🙂 I just now realised that that is just so strange haha!


  1. I like how you reveal just enough to fit the category, yet, keep enough under wraps that it takes some effort to try and figure out who “him” is. Sounds like this encounter was in college, maybe. I don’t know. That’s the great thing about this sorta mysterious entry!

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    • I was gonna be a chicken and write about my First Crush instead but decided to woman-up and just write the bare minimum cos He was my first love. Whether I like it, or not 🙂


  2. Yes, really beautifully written.. and Him? Kind of a goof, no? Hope you found someone with a happy default!


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