First Loves: Him


I remember the first moment I saw Him. I was in my parents car, looking for parking before heading to the registration desk.  We drove past other students who were on their way to the Administration Block.  He was standing with his mother, a file in His hand.  He wore a white shirt, black pants and a thin black tie which His mother was adjusting.  He looked irritated at her mothering.  Later, I learnt that this was a default emotion for Him.

My first love.

First Loves: Movie – The Neverending Story

The NeverEnding Story was the first fantasy movie I’ve ever watched.

A child empress, a flying dog (which I later found out was a luckdragon), a magic book, gnomes, an oracle – I was inundated with so many fantastical elements that the movie just stayed with me!

I always make sure I try to catch re-runs of the movie whenever I can and instantly I’m transported to that first time I watched it in the darkened cinema, trying to make sense of the magic on the screen in front of me.

First love, indeed.

First Loves: Music by The Corrs

I couldn’t pick one song.  My first music love has to be this album `Talk on Corners’ from The Corrs.  Almost every song in it, I can associate with a specific memory or place.  Good memories.  Not so good ones.  Special places.  Places I’ll never, ever step foot in again.

I’ve got all their albums.  And their music partially dominate my playlist.

Also, I’ve not removed their CDs from the CD player in my car, since I bought my car, almost 8 years ago.  Well, except when I send my car to the workshop.

Anyhow, that tells you how special their music is to me.

First Loves: Books by Enid Blyton

The Enid Blyton books – particularly the Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair series – were the first books I fell asleep with.  I’d hide the book under my pillow while I did my homework in bed, sneaking them out every so often for quick read.

These books fired my imagination. Every tree that I climbed, I wished was the Faraway Tree with Saucepan Man hiding amidst the branches.  Every chair I sat on, I hoped would sprout wings and carry me away.

I probably had all if not most of the titles which I lovingly wrapped with clear plastic eventhough they were hardback copies.