Five Things I learned from the A to Z challenge




  1. Writing everyday (well, almost everyday) is not as difficult and daunting as I thought it’d be.  I remember on the 31st of March, going into the challenge, that I kept shaking my head asking myself ‘Why am I doing this?  Why am I doing this?’  Well, now I know why.  It’s just a matter of putting butt to seat and hands to keyboard and typing away.
  2. There are stories in me.  Another thing I was worried about was whether or not I could come up with anything for each of the alphabets.  I didn’t pre-plan anything being a super-procrastinator and I couldn’t see any stories beyond C!
  3. The stories I posted that were 90% based on my own pain were the ones that touched people most.  This was a surprise to me.  I snuck in some posts in my A to Z that were actual events that I had experienced (No, the Thumbtack Man was not one of those).  And those were the ones that had some of the most positive feedback.  Thanks all!
  4. I can write pretty gory stuff.  Another surprise.  And I scared myself with this.  Before this, I’ve never written anything remotely gory, there was no serial killer that emerged in my previous writing.  Then all of a sudden in April, my characters were hell-bent on vengeance.  Perhaps it takes this writing challenge to draw this side of me out and into the open.
  5. Collective writing is an encouraging endeavour!  Writing together with everyone in the challenge towards a goal was amazing!  This was the most fun I’ve had writing!  I’ve gotten to know so many other writers in the process and am following them via their blogs.  I can’t wait to have the opportunity to do this again and am already looking forward to next April!

Thank you everyone who dropped by my blog to share words of encouragement on the stories I wrote!  You don’t know how much the responses mean to me 🙂

A BIG shout-out and THANK YOU to Damyanti too for posting about this challenge on the Word Works Creative Writers Facebook page pre-challenge.  If not for that post, I wouldn’t have had the writing fun I had in April!

Poem A Day: Hide me

You start screeching into your phone,

Hand gesticulating wildly,

I sit in front of you,

Whispering to myself ‘Hide me’

Maybe if I say it enough times

I’ll eventually disappear

I want to be invisible to you

I want you to not remember that I’m there

I hide in plain sight,

As you bang the table with your palm,

I hide inside blank stares,

I want to escape from this unharmed.

I hide behind a glazed-over gaze

Trying to avoid your escalating fury,

I wish I was transparent,

As you approach, I whisper again ‘Hide me’.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 6