Poem A Day: Dear You

Dear you,

thank you for wishing that I’ll have a happy ending

When all I wish is that tomorrow be as good as today

For letting me tell my story

When I thought I had nothing left to say

For assuring me that I’ll find the right man someday

When I’m not even sure if I’ll find the right pair of shoes

For being strong on my behalf

Through all the times I felt I had only everything to lose

For assuring me that I’ll get better soon

Eventhough it still resonates, this hurt within

For letting me cry my eyes out

After all the time I had to hold it in

For reminding me that it’s all right to let go

I didn’t know I was gripping on so tight

For being a familiar, comfortable presence

Thank you, dear you, for knowing in your heart I’ll be all right.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 1

Post AtoZ

For May, I’m going to be attempting this – Writer’s Digest Poem-a-Day Challenge.  Yes, this was an April challenge but if I had done the poem-a-day AND the AtoZ, I’d have to quit my day job just to have time to participate in the challenge.  Which doesn’t actually sound like a bad thing.

Also, after the May 7th AtoZ Challenge Reflections post, Fred and I will challenge one another with a photo prompt and a number prompt each week.  We’re also hoping to get the rest of the Sunday Writers in on this.

But before then, there’s still one more post for AtoZ and the First Loves Blogfest on May 14th, so YAY!