Z is for Zipper

She trembled when she felt his body behind hers.  She closed her eyes, revelling in the sensation of him placing a kiss  onto the curve at her neck near her shoulders.  That was her sensitive spot.  He knew it.  She smiled and leaned back against him, letting him feel all of her.

This was risky, she knew it, but it had been a while since she’d been able to be alone with him like this.  Her sister Tara was right outside and could walk in anytime but at that moment, Cece just didn’t care.

He continued kissing along her back, left exposed by the bare back dress she was trying on in the dressing room of the department store.  “This dress looks gorgeous on you, babe,” he said.  She blushed.  She could feel his hands moving towards the zipper on the back of the dress and her heart beat double-time.  She looked at him in the mirror catching his eyes.  He arched one eyebrow asking for permission.  She hesitated, swallowed and gave a nod.  His smile melted her. He caught the zip and lowered it down slowly, the sound raising goosebumps all over her body.

“Hey Cees, I found the dress you wanted in fuschia! I’m coming in so you can try it on!”

Cece’s eyes shot open, his hand at her back stilled. “Wait Tar! I’ll come out to get it.  Don’t come in…I’m…I’m…err.. I’m not dressed!”

The curtain of the dressing room slid aside, Tara walked in juggling the dresses in her arm and said, “Jeez, I’ve seen you naked before, Cees.  It’s not as if we’re…” at that moment Tara looked up and in front of her was her sister, eyes in shock and mouth gaped open.  And behind her, his hand on the zip of Cece’s dress, obvious to any onlooker that he was trying to remove it from her, was Tara’s husband.

Tara threw the dresses she had down, whirled away and stomped off.  Tears already flowing down her face, her heart dislocating itself from where it should be.  Behind her she heard her sister cry out, “Tar, wait, don’t go, this was a mistake! Let me explain!”