V is for Vacuum Cleaner

It took them a long while but finally, they found a place to settle down.  And not just any place but a REAL good place.

When they first saw it, they had to pinch themselves in case it was a mirage.  Afterall, they had been travelling such long distances for a duration too long to recount.  Several in their caravan didn’t make it.  So long and arduous was the journey.

This place that they found was  everything they’d hope for and more.  It was large enough to accommodate all of them and they were many.  It sheltered them from the elements, which was important because many of them died from heat exposure.  Most important of all, their food source was nearby and the journey to get there was without obstacles, safe.

And so, they began the process of putting down roots for the long term.  It was safe now to fall in love, start a family, be someone else.

After several happy weeks, an unusual event was noted by their perimeter watch.  The watchman ran to the centre of the space where they gathered everyday and shouted at all of them – “Move! Everyone, move!  We have to go!”

Some of them asked, “What is it? What is that sound?” and before they could finish the rest of their thoughts, they disappeared and those around them only had the time to express their shock when they disappeared too.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Each one of them disappearing in turns.

Within seconds, all of them were gone.  It was as if they never existed at all.  Their little community.  There was no one.  And no one left to mourn them.

“Honey!  When was the last time you vacuumed under this couch?  There were a ton of ants underneath there!  And it looked as if they had settled in for the long run!”