M is for Magazine

Hattie loves donuts.  She loves the ones with chocolate icing.  She adores the sprinkles.  Hattie doesn’t even mind the green tea icing.

But her all-time favourite is the donut with glazed icing.  And there were rows and rows of luscious, shiny glaze-y icing donuts on display today in the store.

Hattie thought she had died and surely this is heaven.  She didn’t know which she’d start with first – go for her the glazed donut immediately? Or leave the best for last and start with the green tea icing?  Decisions, decisions.

She flew towards the glazed icing, reaching out for it – THWACK!

Hattie’s last thoughts were so near yet so far…

“Gotcha! You pesky fly!” declared Declan triumphantly as he unrolled the magazine he used to kill the fly that’s been hanging around the donuts the entire day.