L is for Love Letters

“My dear – I was so happy to see you today! You surprised me when you showed up at work.  I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much when I ran up and hugged you but I just couldn’t help myself.  Everyday, I pinch myself because having you in my life is like a dream.”

“Hey love! So, where do you want to go tonight?  I’ll be back by 5. Let’s have dinner at your favourite Thai restaurant.  You’ve been looking so stressed out recently.  It’s making me worried.  I hate seeing you so troubled.  So, dinner okay? My treat.”

“Dearest – How can I help?  I know you said you didn’t want to involve me because it’s about your ex. But you looked so frustrated.  I know you’ll work things out eventually with her.  She can’t be as irrational as you say she is.  I’m glad you decided not to go to Toronto to see her.  She doesn’t deserve that and why should you spend all that money to travel over there to see your ex?  We’re all grown ups here and people fall in and out of love all the time. And now it’s our time.  See you at work later. I love you.”

Kris shut down the browser, not even bothering to log out and took a deep breath. She stood up from her desk but had to hold the edge of it because her legs were trembling.  She lifted both arms in front of her and saw that they were trembling too.  He had been acting strangely when they spoke to one another on the phone recently.  She knew it was not the right thing to do, check his email but she was desperate to know if anything was wrong.  Besides, technically, it was still her email account which she loaned to him.  If he didn’t want her to access it, he would’ve changed the password. But he didn’t.

Kris walked out to her garden, stood in the heat of the sun.  I’m an ex, she thought.  An ex.  Why didn’t anyone tell me?

6 thoughts on “L is for Love Letters

  1. Ruh – Roh…I share an email account with my husband. Forty years of marriage I think we’re going to make it? He has his own…I set it up for him, but he keeps forgetting to ‘use’ it. Hah!
    Stopping in from the A – Z Challenge….come for a visit if you get a few!


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