K is for Key

“Hurry up, will you? He’ll be back soon!” urged the boy.  “Ouch! Watch it!”

She was sobbing as she cut the rope. “I’m going as fast as I can! Don’t move!” She see-sawed the object along the rope that bound the boy’s hands.  The object was not sharp.  But it was all they had and hopefully all they’ll need.

Without warning, the steps up to the attic creaked and moaned.  The boy jerked.  “He’s coming! Hide!”

The door to the attic opened wide and in the light stood a man as thin as cane, head as bald as egg.  He moved towards the boy, his hands outstretched. His hands were a breath away from the boy when to his left, the girl jumped out and attacked him.  The Cane Man grappled with the girl but adrenaline fueled her and she fought him off and won.  The boy’s hands finally unbound from the ropes and the girl, a hero, left the attic, never looking back

The Cane Man lay on the floor, a key in his right eye.

Truly, it was all they needed.