H is for High Heels

“Felicia! We are NOT going to another shoe store!” whined Chrissie. “My feet are killing me!”

“Oh, stop complaining.  Come on!” she pulled on Chrissie’s hand.

They entered the fifth – or what felt to Chrissie was the one million and twenty fifth – shoe store that day when Felicia let Chrissie’s hand go and rushed to the ‘New Arrivals’ display squealing and clapping her hands. Chrissie rolled her eyes. She had seen this reaction from her sister more times to count.  Every shoe was worthy of squeals and claps.  To Chrissie, shoes cover your feet so they don’t hurt when you walk on stones.

Felicia immediately picked up a pair of hot pink 5-inch heels and showed them off to her sister ‘Chris, OMG! I’ve been dying to have heels in this colour!’

“But Fel, you just bought a pair of hot pink heels two stores ago!”

“Come on Chris, that wasn’t hot pink, it was flamingo!  THIS is hot pink! And I gotta have it!” Felicia was hugging the heels as if it were the last life jacket on a sinking ship.

“Excuse me! Excuse me! Could I get this in Size 6 please?” Felicia asked the sales clerk waiting on her.  As she waited, she sat down on the plush cushion and removed the beige lambskin wedges she had on.  Her feet was literally itching to get into the 5-inch heels.  She clapped her hands again but suppressed a squeal.

“I’m sorry, miss, we don’t have this in Size 6.  We’ve only got this pair of Size 5 left.”

Felicia couldn’t believe her ears.  No hot pink heels in Size 5?  “Are you bringing in new stock?  Do your other stores carry the size? Can you check?” She followed the sales clerk as she went to the store terminal to check the inventory.  “Let me see here…ummm…nope, we’re not expecting anymore of this range of heels.  Oh, and our other stores don’t carry this range, I’m afraid.  It was exclusive to this outlet.  I’m so sorry. Maybe you’d like to try the pair in an electric blue?”

Felicia sank down onto the cushions.  Not in stock. No Size 6.  Only Size 5.  “Hey,” Chrissie nudged her sister, “hey.  Let’s go look at the other stores, okay?” Felicia looked up at her sister, dazed, suddenly remembering that she was there. “Umm…sure…sure.”

Three days later, Felicia was back in the shoe store and she immediately went up to the sales clerk who waited on her previously.  “Excuse me, do you remember me? I asked about the hot pink heels and you only had it in Size 5?”

“Yes, I remember.” How could the sales clerk forget the girl who looked as if someone had run over her puppy when she found out the only heels left were not in her size.

“Well, do you still have the Size 5?” asked Felicia.

“Why, yes we still do.  Um, why don’t you have a seat and let me get it for you.”  The sales clerk removed the shoes from the display and held it out to Felicia who was waiting all bright-eyed.  “Err..are you getting this for your sister then?”

“No, no…it’s for me! Here, let me have it.” Felicia’s hands reached out for the box.

“But this is Size 5.” Insisted the clerk.

“I know!  Now, give it to me!” Felicia snatched the box from the sales clerk’s hands and removed the hot pink heels from the tissue.  “I was going to come in sooner but I had to wait” Felicia whispered as she caressed the hot pink heels.  “Wait?” the sales clerk asked curious and mesmerised by the boots that were on Felicia’s feet – they were huge.

Felicia removed the boots gingerly, wincing a little and when the right boot was off, she unravelled the bandage. “Yes, for my feet to heal.” The sales clerk got a good look at Felicia’s feet and fell down in a faint.  Felicia put in her foot into the size 5 heels. It fit perfectly.  But of course it would, her toes were in the way before.


Note: This was inspired by a version of a Cinderella-esque story read a while back and has remained stuck in my brain, unlikely to be un-stuck anytime soon.


6 thoughts on “H is for High Heels

  1. Shocking!! This woman is WAY too obsessed with shoes! And I wonder how she manages to balance without any toes…
    Felicia was hugging the heels as if it were the last life jacket on a sinking ship. Liked this comparison.


    • Hey Rachel – you’re totally right, without toes, we’d all fall over. That gave me grief and you called me out on it! 🙂 I’d like to say that she shuffled to the store? Thanks for dropping by and reading.


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