C is for Chopsticks

They were rich, glossy red, the pair of chopsticks Lily Chan inserted into the bun at the nape of her hair.  The colour matched her manicure and pedicure.  Fire brick red, she told the manicurist when she went to get her nails done.

Her cheongsam was also a deep red.  It had a golden dragon motif that weaved it’s way from the top of her right shoulder to her left hip.  As she moved, the dragon undulated mesmerisingly.  The cheongsam was floor-length and had slits on both sides uptohere, a perfect showcase for Lily’s shapely, muscular legs.  On her feet were her favourite Jimmy Choo strappy sandals, as blood red as her nails.  The only jewellery she wore were the gold drop earrings that brushed the top of her shoulders.

Lily Chan stifled a yawn as she and the rest of the crowd waited for the Guest of Honour to arrive.  She nursed her glass of champagne, running her finger lightly along the rim.

After what seemed like hours (which in real-time was only 15 minutes), the Master of Ceremony finally announced the arrival of the Guest of Honour to the banquet.  Everyone stood up and clapped.  Sighs of relief was heard around the room.  Finally, dinner could get underway.

Looking around, making sure no one was paying attention to her, Lily slowly withdrew one of the chopsticks from her hair and dipped it into her glass of champagne.  When the glossy red of the chopstick met the expensive Dom Perignon, bubbles erupted anew around the chopstick creating more fizz.  Lily stirred the drink lazily until the eruption receeded then carefully returned the chopstick back into her hair.  A careful observer would note that its end was no longer as vibrant red as it was before.

She took the glass with her and began a slow, sinuous walk among the tables until she reached the table on the dais where the Guest of Honour was seated.  Everyone had pushed forward as well, eager to shake the Guest of Honour’s hands.  Lily Chan’s presence was hardly noticed.  When her turn came, she leaned forward to shake his hand, Lily Chan surreptitiously exchanged the champagne flute that he’d placed on the table beside him with the one she held.  She leaned in to kiss both of his cheeks as she did so.  Grinning, he took the opportunity to press his chest close to hers, making sure she felt all of him.  Lily Chan suppressed the shiver that threatened to run through her.  With the best fake smile she had in her arsenal, she put her hands on his chest, pushed him away and gave a girlish giggle.

As Lily Chan walked away, the Guest of Honour retrieved his champagne flute and took a big gulp from it.  Lily lifted her hand up to her left ear and pressed a tiny almost-microscopic button on the underside of her earrings.  “Mama Dragon, this is Baby Dragon.  The walrus has swallowed the clam.  I repeat, the wal-rus has swal-lowed the c-l-a-m.”

Behind her, the Guest of Honour clutched at his throat and foam appeared at his lips.  He tried to call out for help but a gurgle, more foam tainted with red emerged instead.  In less than a minute, he was on the floor, the blood vessels in his eyes exploded, his tongue hanging out from his mouth, a dark purplish thing.

“Job well done, Baby Dragon,” said the voice into Lily Chan’s ear.  “Mission accomplished,” she whispered as a drop of champagne slid off the chopstick in her bun and down onto the floor.


Note: C was supposed to be Contact Lens.  Then M said, what about C for Chopsticks instead?  And that was the beginning of this story.  Thanks M!