B is for Button

I was on my hands and knees, trying to reach under my bed for the errant hairclip that I was sure was hiding there.  I reached my hand as far as it could go and encountered…something.  Not a hairclip, for sure.  I hold on to it with my fingers and pull it out.

Hmmm…I thought an ivory button.  Must be one of Elliot’s.

I got up and walked to where Elliot was busy trying to knot his tie.  “Elliot,” I asked, “is this one of yours?” I held up the ivory button so that he could take a close look.

He glanced at me from the mirror and looked at the button I held in my fingers.  “Nope,” he glanced away, “doesn’t look familiar.  I don’t have any shirts with ivory buttons.  You know that, Kath.” He proceeds to finish tying his tie.

I put the button in my pocket and moved towards Elliot, “Here, let me help you with that.” I tied his tie for him and brushed the cat hair from his coat.  Our cats love sleeping on our freshly laundered clothes.  I haven’t found out how to break them of this habit.

“Thanks, dear,” said Elliot and kissed me, “you’re a lifesaver.”

I am the luckiest woman in the world, to have this man as my husband, I thought.  I returned his kiss.  “I’m going down to finish up breakfast, alright?”

“Yes, dear,” he says and winks at me.  I blush a little.  My husband, that handsome devil, he still makes me blush.  I thought of what we did last night, my blush deepens.  I look at him one last time before going down to help Kristin, our au pair, prepare breakfast.   A bruise on his neck catches my eye.  Must be from his basketball game yesterday, I thought.  Oh well, boys will  be boys.

In the kitchen, Kristin was busy making sure that my two boys ate their breakfast.  “Hallo, Mrs. Montgomery!” she greets me.  Kristin is a morning person and always very chirpy.  “Hey, Kristin.  Need any help with breakfast?”

“I’m done, Mrs. Montgomery.  You go read your papers and I’ll bring you your cup of coffee.”

“Thanks Kristin.  I don’t know what we’d do without you.” I made myself comfortable at the table and opened up today’s papers.  Kristin comes over and gives me my coffee.  I notice her shirt seems to be askewed.  “Kristin, your shirt…” I started.

“Oh ya, Mrs. Montgomery.  I lost a button.  I shouldn’t have worn this shirt today.  I’m so sorry, I’ll get a pin.” Kristin rushed out of the kitchen to her room.

My eyes were wide.  The buttons on her shirt matched the one in my pocket.  What was it doing under my bed in my bedroom?  I remember the bruise on my husband’s neck.  I didn’t put in there last night.  I know I didn’t.

A tear rolls down my cheek.

14 thoughts on “B is for Button

    • Hi Rachel – As I replied to Nikki, I didn’t even see Kristin show up until she did. And oh gosh, thanks for dropping by here!!! *fanning self because an actual writer has deigned to drop by* I hope I can keep all this up – it’s emotionally exhausting! 🙂


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