A is for Axe

“Thanks Linda, for inviting me to your parents farm this weekend. It’s been great to get away from the city.  And Adam.  I don’t think he took our break-up well.” I walked with Linda from the main house to the paddock where the farm animals were.

“You’re welcome here anytime, you know,” Linda reminded me.  “My parents love having you around.  And you cooking breakfast everyday was definitely a plus!” She squeezed my arm in assurance.

I blushed.  “It’s no big deal.  I cook breakfast all the time before…for..well, before.” I was determined not to bring him up anymore then I should.

“So, you mentioned dinner today would be special?” I enquired.

“Yes!” Linda exclaimed, suddenly animated. “We have a big dinner to kick-off summer every year!  I’m glad that you get to join us this time!” She grabbed my arm and we danced around. I laughed.  She could always bring me out of any bad mood I was in.

“Before we get carried away, tell me again what makes this dinner special?”  I asked her.

“You’ll see!”said Linda mysteriously.

That evening all dressed up we congregated in the barn which had rows and rows of tables.  On each of the tables was the meal lovingly prepared by Linda’s family’s staff.  As we entered the barn, Linda took my hand and led me to the main table which was on a makeshift platform at the front of all the other tables.  Her parents and brothers were already there and they smiled at us as we approached.  I gave the biggest smile I could to them.  They had been so supportive the whole time I spent with them.  In my heart, they are my second family.

Linda’s father took my hand and led me to his side.  I saw on the table in front of him, was a small axe like the one I saw in the barn Linda showed me when I first arrived.  I remember that she said that it was a special axe.  I laughed at her.  Now, looking back, I remember that she didn’t laugh back.  I grew apprehensive.  Linda’s father was giving a speech about how each summer was special and that to ensure that every summer remain special and that the harvest was bountiful required us to make a sacrifice.  That was when he tugged my arm forward and placed it onto the table.  I struggled but to no avail.  He was a bear of a man.  He looked at me and said, “Thank you.” And lifted the axe and brought it down severing my hand from the rest of my arm.  “No!!!” I screamed and darkness overwhelmed me.