The A-Z list so far

A is for Axe?

B is for Button

C is for Contact Lens?

D is for?

E is for?

F is for?

G is for?

H is for?

I is for Ice Skates

J is for Jacket

K is for?

L is for?

M is for Movie Tickets

N is for?

O is for?

P is for Protractor

Q is for Quilt

R is for?

S is for?

T is for?

U is for Undergarments

V is for Vase?

W is for Watch

X is for X-ray?

Y is for Yoghurt?

Z is for Zipper

A-Z blogging et al

Two things:

  1. Have decided on A-Z blogging theme: Painful Things – an A-Z of objects that cause pain (emotional, physical, metaphorical, etc…)
  2. Am doing while waiting for April to come around – so far I’ve written 1785 words in 2 days – YAY ME!

and now the dream is done

and now the dream is done.

and soon i shall be gone.

to where remembering is easy, forgetting hard.

a place where sorrow and joy both has a part.

my space where memories are strong.

come to me –

to this wonderful place

come to me –

my dear, come see my face.

my love answers –

I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you.

wait for me, oh, wait for me.

now, we’re together

you and i.

come and let me teach you how to fly

and fly.

and fly.

September 1992