monday: #161

Write a mini-story (100 to 250 words) that begins with: “They had nothing to say to each other.”

They had nothing to say to each other.

They perused the menu and gave their order to the waiter without ado.  Then she took out her mobile phone from her bright yellow handbag and read through her messages.  He removed his tablet PC from his bookcase and started typing on the touch keyboard.  When their drinks came, they each thanked the waiter and proceeded to sip from their glasses.  Still, no words passed between them.

She looked up from her phone at him and gave a small smile then bent her head over her phone and continued reading.  He glanced up as if not wanting to be caught looking then looked down again, the light from the table PC illuminating his face.  Their entrees arrived and before they ate, they looked at each other and smiled and devoured their meal in haste.  And in continued silence.  When both plates were clean, he called for the bill and paid it with cash.  They both got up and left.  Without a word.

(167 words)


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