monday: #318

Use this cliche anywhere in your story: keep your fingers crossed.

“Keep your fingers crossed, dammit!” Sally scolded John.

“Ok, ok!  Hurry up, will you! I’m cramping up.” he arched his back which was beginning to stiffen up.

“I’m going as fast as I can here.  Next time you do it, big baby.”

“I will, if there’s a next time!  Come on, the others are almost done.”

“Almost…almost.  There! Done!” she raced to the timer and stopped it.  The other pair who finished was just a hair behind.

“And the winners of the most body parts crossed competition in the least amount of time is…drumroll…SALLY and JOHN, third time running!!!”

John unfolded himself from the crossed and bent-up positions that Sally had folded him into and jumped into the air holding Sally’s hands, “Yay!”

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