one word sunday: plaid

plaid makes me think of scotland.

a country i long to visit, growing up on scottish lairds and highlands.

i have this delusion where i’m hopelessly lost in the scottish countryside, then somehow stumble into a dilapidated castle and when the owner sees me, immediately falls in love with me and drags me to his bedroom which of course is in the tower of said dilapidated castle.  Of course, i fall in love back with him.  And of course, he is handsome and gothic and thoroughly male.  And beyond super-excellent in bed.

plaid also makes me think of a kilt i used to own. when i was into kilts.

unfortunately, fashion is a demanding mistress (or master) so whenever i wore it, plaid being heavy cotton and all, my legs sweat.  So I ended up only wearing it a handful of times before I had to retire it due to the expanding waistline issue.  Mine that is.


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