character tuesday: the monster in the closet

Invent a monster.  Stick him in the closet of one of your character’s bedroom, and write about what that character does when they start to suspect they have a monster in their closet.  Do they hide under the covers, challenge the monster, make friends with it?  (

Joshua lives with his grandparents.  His father’s parents, not his mother’s.  Joshua’s father lives and works in the capital city 250 kilometers away.  Work in the small town Joshua’s grandparents lives in is sparse and pays less than peanuts.  Joshua’s mother visits him when she remembers she has a son.  When she doesn’t remember, she tours the country with a dance troupe.

Joshua is only six.  He is only six because he wishes he was eight (at least) so that the bigger boys will ask him to join in their games.  Go back home they shout at him whenever he runs out of his house as they pass by on the way to the playground.  We only play with big kids.  You’re small!  Joshua glares at their backs as they leave wishing he was big.  Wishing he was eight.

His grandparents are too old to play with him.  When they try, they clutch their backs or rub their knees eventhough they’ve only been playing for 5 minutes.  Joshua’s grandparents are not good playmates.  Instead, they switch on the television, tune it to the cartoons, give him his bowl of cereal and tell him to sit still and watch.  Don’t go out to play.  If you run, we can’t catch you.  Stay here.

His grandparents are also not rich but they spend their pension buying Joshua toys that he can play with in the house.  Small metal cars with wheels that turn.  Tiny model aeroplanes that he pretends to fly.  A mini-castle that sits in the yard that Joshua climbs and pretends is his kingdom.

Joshua’s room is the biggest one in the house.


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