I hid my love

In anticipation of Valentine’s…a poem which I wrote when I was 19 (more than 10 years ago!). It wasn’t until I re-read my journal that I remembered who I wrote this poem for. So, now I remember…

I hid my love.
behind smiles that seem to bear no meaning,
while my eyes fill with deep feelings,
between words that mean so much more,
than they did, just a while before.
My actions-can be full of interpretations,
My gestures-no matter how subtle they be,
can reveal all that is dear to me –
the very love I hid.
When I say “Thank you”
listen not to my words alone
but also to the very tone,
because my love hides deep in my voice
giving cause for you to rejoice.
And when I let you do,
the things that you do for me,
I leave you to do them because I see,
It’s your concern you’re trying to show,
It’s through this your love shines, I know.
So, I hid my love.

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